Some of the authors I have helped...

"Thank you for being a fantastic editor, your suggestions made it so much better!"

Sara Dobbie - published in @FictionBerlin, @mookychick, @trampset, @Spelkfiction,

“Tom had a strong understanding  of the story effect I was aiming for and gave valuable feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of my draft. He identified a number of areas that helped me improve the narrative and texture of the story.

I would highly recommend his editorial support to writers of all experiences.”

Neil Lawson May - Short story author

"Tom is an insightful reader with unique ideas for developmental editing. I have  really appreciated his help as I've worked on my short fiction!"

Celeste Ramos - published in @Shooterlit mag, @Narratively and @MIRonline.


"Tom made comprehensive, detailed and insightful comments on the opening of my manuscript. He understood what I was trying to achieve, his suggestions added polish, and I feel motivated to move on to the next stage with my project."

BGR Buckley - long listed for Virginia Prize for Fiction 2020 and the Spotlight First Novel Prize 2019.



Thank you, Tom, for the extensive feedback you gave on my manuscript. I greatly appreciated your line-by-line edits as well as the more general comments on plot, pacing, structure and other aspects of the story that had passed me by. I liked that you understood the story and did not try to change it, but suggested many ways to improve it. The notes you gave were especially useful. They provided a learning process and gave me a real ‘steer’ in the right direction for future projects.

Shiv Saywack - author of the Mary Finch series of novels


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