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As a freelance literary consultant, I have given feedback on novels in a variety of genres - literary romance, fantasy and thriller - providing both line edits and full-length reports on each piece’s strengths and areas to improve. 

As I plan my report, I take time to reflect and consider the writer’s vision and ensure my feedback helps them better realise their goal. This means being sensitive to the interwoven elements of story - characterisation, dialogue, structure, pace amongst others - and judging suitability of each to their chosen genre. From my time at Penguin Books I know how important it is that each new novel “enters a conversation” with the works they aim to stand alongside. 

In my line editing, I “listen” to a piece and evaluate how the language creates a compelling voice, noticing opportunities for greater brevity and where cumbersome sentences snap the suspension of disbelief. 

My main interest is in literary fiction.  However, my background and broad reading means I have a strong feel for a variety of genres in today’s fiction market.

If you would like a fresh pair of eyes on your story, get in touch at my address above!


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